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Frequently Asked Questions.

What music genres are in your collection?

70s, 80s, 90s, Big Band, Classic Rock, Country, Dance, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Pop, R&B, Rock, Soul

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we offer our couples peace of mind by having $1,000,000 in coverage.

Describe your DJ style:

We are the type of team that likes to be in the background. For weddings we can alter our style to fit the type of DJ you want but prefer to be in the background. We are not the cheesy DJ, or the DJ that likes to take over your event. We have respect for each event going on and take our clients needs and wants into consideration.

Is there a limit to the amount of music that can be requested?

No limit. This is your event and we will do our best to play what you want to hear.

What is your usual attire?

We like to have our Clients choose our attire. Whether your event is laid back, semi-formal or formal we want to make sure we dress appropriately. If no attire is selected we will use judgment from the descriptions of your event and make a selection.

If you do not have one of the songs pre-requested by the client, do you require that they provide it?

Yes. It is best to understand the needs and wants of the client. We request our clients provide us with a Do Not Play List as well as a Must Play list. This ensures our clients are happy with the music selections we play.

How many other DJs do you work with?

Our company is comprised of 1 Dj and 1 Wedding/Events Coordinator. In our services we cover all our bases and know how to run an event from a DJ perspective as well as a Wedding Coordinator's perspective.

Is the client able to meet the DJ before booking?

Yes, we strongly encourage meeting your DJ prior to booking to ensure the DJ's personality and Client's personalities mesh

well together.

Do you specialize in any ethnic or international events?

Not at this time, but with the guidance in music choice from our Client's we have provided these services.

Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes, we bring a standard 700 Watt sound system, turntables and music. If additional equipment is needed for a larger event we can accommodate as needed.

What (if any) special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, is offered with your service?

We offer a standard lighting package with our Reception only and ceremony and reception packages. Basic lighting includes a mirror ball effect lighting as well as disco lighting. We also offer an upgraded lighting package for a more club like

lighting atmosphere.

How much time do you usually need to set up? Do you require that the site or client provide a table for you to set up on?

We typically prefer to be at the venue setting up at least 2 hours prior. This ensures we have plenty of time to complete setup and complete sound checks. For weddings we usually request a 6foot table but it is not required. We will need a minimum of 8 feet for equipment setup

Do you have a sign or banner that you use at events?

No we do not use a banner unless the client deems it ok. Weddings, formal events and parties we do not use banners or signs.

Do you usually emcee the event or talk between songs?

For weddings we emcee based on the wedding day timeline. We also emcee to get the crowd moving for parties.

How would you motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?

First, we start by seeing if the song is the reason for no one dancing. If song selection is not the issue and the client is okay with crowd hyping we use the microphone to get audience participation.

What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client 

provide your meal?

We usually do not take breaks. For weddings we require a meal to be provided by the client. We usually eat behind the DJ booth out of sight while maintaining the music. If we need to take a break music will be playing continuously with no stops and will be monitored by my assistant.

What is your backup plan in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?

We offer our clients the choice of backup DJ's that I trust can do a great job in my absence.

Do you book yourself for more than one event in a day?

No. Since we are a husband and wife team we can only accommodate 1 event a day.

What is your overtime rate?

We charge a flat fee for most of our events. For events that wish to go over the contracted time we charge $100 per hour.

Do you charge for travel expenses? If yes, how much do you charge?

Travel expenses will depend on the event location. For events over 60 miles from our headquarters (95020) we charge a travel fee of $2.00 per mile one way. For events over a 2.5 hour drive we require a 1 night hotel at the same location as the wedding party or the going hotel rate in the event location will be charged and we can find an equivalent hotel stay. Please inquire for more information and a detailed quote for your event.

What is the required deposit to secure your services?

We require a $250 deposit to secure the date of your event along with a signed contract.

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